Aun Abdi

Software Engineer and Content Creator

Welcome to Book Talk Today Podcast. A podcast that interviews authors to uncover the ideas and principles behind their books.

My name is Aun Abdi. I’m a Software Engineer and Content Creator based out of London, UK. The main reason behind creating BTT was a desire to learn more about a topic from the author. When I enjoy learning from a book I often find myself wanting to know how and why an author came to write the book. You can message the author in the hopes they reply, however, I found myself wanting to share these conversations. And thus BTT was born.

If you’re an author or publisher interested in joining the podcast please reach out to me and I would be more than happy to have you on. If you’re an interested listener please subscribe to our channels and leave a review.

Thanks for all your support. Happy reading.

Aun Abdi